George K3GBB

I retired in 2011 after working 41 years for the Federal Government. The last agency I worked for is the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, where I was a network and cyber-security manager. My wife, Donna, and I have 3 great dogs. Donna spends many hours training and competing in the dogsport of Agility.

My education, for the.most part, was gained in California (I grew up in Hollywood) where I received a A.A. from the City College of San Francisco and a B.A. from California State University, Northridge. I later earned an M.B.A. from Mount Saint Mary's University, Maryland, in 1994. I have lived in just about every part of this country...East Coast, West Coast, Deep South, Canadian Border, and the Mexican Border.

I received all of my tickets in 2003 and I spend most of my time on CW. I run a Flex Radio 6400 transceiver into either a Hex Beam or OCF antenna...each about 30 feet high. I also enjoy DMR with Anytone radios.

Donna K3DSB

Donna is a dog trainer, competitor, and instructor. She began training for obedience competitions and then made the transition to the sport of agility in the mid-1990's. She currently competes two Border Collies named "Suzy" and "BAM", and a Corgis named "Lark", competing at the Master's level in USDAA and the Excellent level in AKC with all of the dogs. She has won and placed at numerous AKC, and USDAA regional and national events.

Donna graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Wildlife Resources and was a high school science teacher for 12 years before she committed all of her time to dog training. She now tteaches agility in the Central Maryland area.

Donna's interest in Amateur Radio is purley to humor me. Donna passed the Technician exam in August 2004.

K3GBB's Shack

Donna K3DSB

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George K3GBB canoeing in the Adirondaks, 2001

Donna K3DSB, in the Adirondacks, 2001

Donna K3DSB and Bam

2004 QSL Card

2003 QSL Card